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What is the fastest way to create an animation clip or pose on a budget?

I am trying to create a comic series using 3D VRoid characters. So far it has been more learning than creating content. I have slowly been fleshing out my cast of characters in VRoid Studio and creating locations in Unity leveraging purchased assets. I have explored blend shapes using AR Kit for facial expressions. I … More What is the fastest way to create an animation clip or pose on a budget?

Example Expressions from Blendshapes with VRoid Studio, HANA_Tool, and Unity

This post includes an update on my plans to do expressions with VRoid characters for the purpose of creating short animated video clips using Unity and VRoid Studio characters. Note: The main value of this post may be the summary list of blendshapes and how they move parts of the face below. The tables can … More Example Expressions from Blendshapes with VRoid Studio, HANA_Tool, and Unity

Low End Motion Capture Tools

One of my personal challenges is how to create 3D animated content with relatively low effort and decent quality. I have been building up a library of animation clips in Unity (a game creation platform) which I stitch into a sequence to make up a scene, but it is proving time consuming. Another approach is … More Low End Motion Capture Tools

Changing Facial Expressions (part 3)

I recently shared a blog post on a Unity script I am experimenting with to add ARKit compatible expressions to VRoid characters. Of course the day after, another tool became available that could have saved me quite a bit of hair pulling! Lol! I thought I would write up my brief experience with Hana_Tool and … More Changing Facial Expressions (part 3)

Animating Hand Poses in Unity

I have described challenges in animating facial expressions in a previous post. Facial expressions are based on “blend shapes” to adjust the shape of the face (e.g. move eye brows lower to indicate anger). Animating hand positions is different as it relates to moving bones rather than blend shapes. There are two ways to animate … More Animating Hand Poses in Unity

Changing Facial Expressions (part 2)

I previously wrote a post on Changing Facial Expressions where I went through the basics of how to control facial expressions in Unity. Since then I have made some progress in terms of adding additional blend shapes and based on that, I think I have finalized how I will do facial expressions for characters. I … More Changing Facial Expressions (part 2)

Generating iFacialMocap Blend Shapes in Unity for VRoid Characters

I have been exploring iFacialMocap, an iOS app that uses the iPhone “ARKit” library to convert facial expressions into a series of movements. These can be sent to Unity so your character inside Unity follows what is being recorded on your iPhone. A challenge however is the iOS ARKit library uses more blendshapes than come … More Generating iFacialMocap Blend Shapes in Unity for VRoid Characters

Changing Facial Expressions

VRoid characters in Unity include “Blendshapes” (called “Shape Keys” in Blender) that morph the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth on the face to create different expressions. These work by warping the mesh of the character (moving the contours of the face). Other expressions such as blushing change the texture of the mesh (what is displayed on … More Changing Facial Expressions

Controlling VRoid Eyes in Unity

The eyes are an important part of acting. They convey a lot of emotion, from their shape to what they are looking at. It is common for eyes to jump around, looking at different things during a scene. A furtive glance or down at the ground, the eyes can convey a rich set of emotions. … More Controlling VRoid Eyes in Unity

Making VRoid Characters Blink in Unity

By default, characters loaded into Unity using UniVRM do not blink. You can animate blinking yourself using animation clips, but UniVRM also provides a script to help. The script only kicks in when playing the game (it is not visible when editing and scrubbing through the timeline). The script is located in the UniVRM directory … More Making VRoid Characters Blink in Unity

Making Characters Move in Unity

A common requirement is to have characters move around a scene. There are different ways of achieving this with different degrees of complexity. As I write this post, I have not finalized my opinion on the best way, so this post is sharing some approaches rather than a final recommendation. In a game, it is … More Making Characters Move in Unity

Timelines and Cameras in Unity

In this post I summarize the Unity terminology related to Cinemachine timelines and cameras. Cinemachine is a package for Unity design to create cutscenes or create short movies with. This blog summarizes terminology related to Cinemachine timelines and cameras. Later blogs will describe how to use these tools to achieve various objectives. (See also … More Timelines and Cameras in Unity