One of my personal challenges is how to create 3D animated content with relatively low effort and decent quality. I have been building up a library of animation clips in Unity (a game creation platform) which I stitch into a sequence to make up a scene, but it is proving time consuming. Another approach is […]

If you search online for how to structure Manga, Anime, a Webtoon comic, or more you will find various discussions on what terminology to use to describe the structure of content. In this post I describe the terminology that I think makes the most sense for web stories, the format I am planning to use […]

Some expressions involve changing the face structure (a smile is created by a blend shape) while others involve changing the texture of the face (like blushing). The following describes my current plans to fade between textures for blushing and other expressions that work by changing the texture of a material. Multiple Textures In order to […]