3D models are created by external applications and then loaded into Unity as assets. Characters, furniture, buildings etc are all models. VRoid Studio can export files in VRM format that you can then import into Unity using the UniVRM package. This creates a prefab for the character. To then make models move, animations must be […]

There are a few foundational concepts that are worth understanding in Unity. These concepts are used in a variety of ways, as will be shown in later sections. Assets: There is a directory tree of “assets” in Unity. This is basically a directory tree of files on disk holding the contents of a project. When […]

In this post I give an overview of how to install VRoid Studio and Unity. Both products have installation instructions that I recommend you read though as details can change from time to time. My goal in this post is to give an overview. Let’s start with the easy one: VRoid Studio. Installing VRoid Installing […]

I have previously shared two videos on YouTube on some ideas for syncing animation with a music track in Adobe Character Animator. But there as a recent post in the forums where @SharonfromMD had completed her first music video and was asking for feedback on project organization before starting her next video. @mre8 shared how […]