With Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) being all the rage, tools for 360 degree views are getting better. Even this WordPress blog can display 360 degree photos directly in a blog post. The following image was taken from inside Unity 3D using 360 Panorama Capture with flat images of various characters (posed and […]

Well, I thought I was pretty well done and ready to publish episode 1. I had the animation all complete, voices all recorded, a final cut of the end-to-end video. Great! I proudly showed it to a friend (Jake) and he said “where’s the music?” Music? “How many TV shows or videos don’t have any […]

My previous post on Project Structure was before I had completed my first episode. So, what has survived as I move on to episode 2 and what did I get wrong? (As I write, episode 1 is going through final music still, but everything else is done. Almost there!) My Project It is first useful […]

This is for some background filler for a future episode. I wanted to get a bit of nature in the background, so decided to have a go at Butterflies and Poppies. The video is an experiment using a few different Adobe Character Animator features. The flying butterfly uses the “Cycle layers” behavior for the flapping […]

The characters may be tweaked further before they are introduced into various episodes, but some early photos introducing the main characters. Sam, the center of the series. He’s can be a bit too enthusiastic at times. Deb, Sam’s big sister. Wise and dependable, a good influence over her younger brother. Hank, the new kid at […]

In this post I describe the tool chain I currently use behind the scenes to create an animated video clip. It’s basically the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) stack with a few other tools for particular needs. There is some overlap between capabilities of different tools, so in this blog I describe how I made these […]

In this blog I describe how I am organizing my project of creating an animated cartoon episode. Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. In this blog I refer to the video as a “play” as it is equally valid for a movie, commercial, YouTube video, and so on. Screenplay The […]