If you search online for how to structure Manga, Anime, a Webtoon comic, or more you will find various discussions on what terminology to use to describe the structure of content. In this post I describe the terminology that I think makes the most sense for web stories, the format I am planning to use […]

Some expressions involve changing the face structure (a smile is created by a blend shape) while others involve changing the texture of the face (like blushing). The following describes my current plans to fade between textures for blushing and other expressions that work by changing the texture of a material. Multiple Textures In order to […]

I recently shared a blog post on a Unity script I am experimenting with to add ARKit compatible expressions to VRoid characters. Of course the day after, another tool became available that could have saved me quite a bit of hair pulling! Lol! I thought I would write up my brief experience with Hana_Tool and […]

I have described challenges in animating facial expressions in a previous post. Facial expressions are based on “blend shapes” to adjust the shape of the face (e.g. move eye brows lower to indicate anger). Animating hand positions is different as it relates to moving bones rather than blend shapes. There are two ways to animate […]

I previously wrote a post on Changing Facial Expressions where I went through the basics of how to control facial expressions in Unity. Since then I have made some progress in terms of adding additional blend shapes and based on that, I think I have finalized how I will do facial expressions for characters. I […]

One of the projects I plan to undertake is to create a cartoon series using “web stories”, a format for browsing through visual content on the web. It is particularly convenient on a mobile device, with most content vertical. Web stories support  static images and video clips, with single tap to continue on to the […]