My previous post on Project Structure was before I had completed my first episode. So, what has survived as I move on to episode 2 and what did I get wrong? (As I write, episode 1 is going through final music still, but everything else is done. Almost there!) My Project It is first useful […]

This is for some background filler for a future episode. I wanted to get a bit of nature in the background, so decided to have a go at Butterflies and Poppies. The video is an experiment using a few different Adobe Character Animator features. The flying butterfly uses the “Cycle layers” behavior for the flapping […]

The characters may be tweaked further before they are introduced into various episodes, but some early photos introducing the main characters. Sam, the center of the series. He’s can be a bit too enthusiastic at times. Deb, Sam’s big sister. Wise and dependable, a good influence over her younger brother. Hank, the new kid at […]

In this post I describe the tool chain I currently use behind the scenes to create an animated video clip. It’s basically the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) stack with a few other tools for particular needs. There is some overlap between capabilities of different tools, so in this blog I describe how I made these […]

In this blog I describe how I am organizing my project of creating an animated cartoon episode. Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. In this blog I refer to the video as a “play” as it is equally valid for a movie, commercial, YouTube video, and so on. Screenplay The […]