I have been exploring creating an animated comic using Google web stories, a HTML format designed for vertically oriented video and images. One of the issues with video however is the storage requirements and network bandwidth. Video clips require more storage than static images. For example, a video clip of a few seconds long is […]

I just came across Pixar’s Universal Scene Description language. It’s a file format they use for all of their movies. It was interesting to see a number of tools support USD. Quick searches found: A set of Pixar USD tools they have open sourced A Unity importer for USD files Blender import/export support Maya support […]

I have been exploring the new Sequences package beta for Unity for animation and one of the things it makes heavy use of was Prefab Variants. I had heard of Prefab Variants, but never really quite “got” how they were different from Prefabs. So I did some hunting around and thought I would summarize my […]

(UPDATED Jun 28, 2021 to reflect my greater understanding.) Just a quick blog of my initial experiences and understanding of the new sequences support. I signed up for the open beta and downloaded the “Cinematic Studio Sample” from the asset store. I just read the 2021.2 beta blog and it looks like it is being […]

I subscribe to MasterClass.com and a new lesson series from James Cameron was just released (yes *the* James Cameron) where one of the lessons talked about focal lens. (I also came across a great YouTube channel with some great videos on tricks of the trade for movie making from StudioBinder including some of these points […]