First Steps for VRoid Studio characters in NVIDIA Omniverse

I have been working on getting a VRoid Studio character imported into NVIDIA Omniverse. VRoid Studio is free software by Pixiv for creating 3D avatars. You have less control than a product such as Character Creator from Reallusion, but the price is great! It can be useful to explore animation if you don’t have the … More First Steps for VRoid Studio characters in NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse Unity Connector

From the NVIDIA website, “NVIDIA Omniverseā„¢ is a computing platform that enables individuals and teams to develop Universal Scene Description-based 3D workflows and applications.” It is based on USD, the file format originally developed by Pixar for their animation projects. For my purposes, it is similar to Unreal Engine and Unity for rendering 3D scenes and … More NVIDIA Omniverse Unity Connector


NVIDIA Omniverse includes Canvas, a cool little tool for creating 360 background images with minimal effort. You draw color patches where you want trees or bushes, and it uses generative AI to create photo realistic artwork. For free. … More NVIDIA Canvas