While Posing and Animation covers animation of characters and props, cinematography covers animation of cameras, including topics such as shot composition. Related is also Lighting and Visual Effects which covers position of lights in a scene and other once off visual effects that are not directly camera related.

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The use of camera movements

There are many great resources out there on how to move the camera for a great camera shot. Here I share a few videos introducing the basic concepts and then get into when to use those concepts. Basic camera shots Bloop Animation shared this video on The basics of camera shots (most common ones you … More The use of camera movements

Anime Scene Analysis (Fruits Basket)

I still dream of creating a lightly animated anime-styled comic, using VRoid Studio characters in Unity (an engine for creating games). Even if I don’t ever publish an episode, it has been an interesting journey learning about the skills that go into a great anime. My general plan to reduce effort is to use locations … More Anime Scene Analysis (Fruits Basket)