I am planning to reboot my “Extra Ordinary” animation series using web stories. The animated version was fun, but I found it too hard for a hobby project to work with friends as voice actors, and full animation with speech bubbles (no audio) feels weird to me. It feels like poor man’s animation. (I tried […]

One of my personal challenges is how to create 3D animated content with relatively low effort and decent quality. I have been building up a library of animation clips in Unity (a game creation platform) which I stitch into a sequence to make up a scene, but it is proving time consuming. Another approach is […]

If you search online for how to structure Manga, Anime, a Webtoon comic, or more you will find various discussions on what terminology to use to describe the structure of content. In this post I describe the terminology that I think makes the most sense for web stories, the format I am planning to use […]