Welcome to the official site for “Extra Ordinary, the web motion comic”.

Who am I? I am a hobbyist, creating content in my spare time. I am a programmer by trade, and so the technology used to create the series is as interesting to me as the series itself. I share my experiences in the “Behind the Scenes” section of this site. I am exploring 3D technologies in my spare time to gain knowledge as part of the emerging fields of VR, AR, and the Metaverse. I am using free tools popular in the VTuber sphere for creating this series.

I am also a Christian. This series is not directly about Christianity, but I do try to follow Christian principles and morals (think like parables in the bible). There is a lot of content out there that I don’t find uplifting, so in this series I tackle stories with challenging emotional struggles and overcoming them… with a bit of mystery to keep you guessing!

I started with 2D animation, then tried the Google “Web Stories” format, but recently I have moved back to regular YouTube videos. As I do this solo, I don’t tackle voices – so I use speech bubbles with background music instead. It also takes me a while to create new episodes, so new episodes may take a month to come out.

I hope you enjoy the series!