Story and Plot Design

Concepts like Story and Plot are important in filmmaking or creating a series of episodes. They can also be useful, to a lesser extent, when planning out other content such as a blog post. A story is a sequence of events. “The King died. The Queen died.” A plot is a story with causality. “The King died. The Queen died of a broken heart.” Causality makes stories more interesting to the audience.

Blog posts

Great advice for writing a good story, by some old guy

There are probably some great books on how to write good drama scripts, but I came across a reference to ‘The Poetics’ written by Aristotle in 330 BCE. I was curious how much story telling has changed over the years. I found it a surprisingly interesting read with concrete actionable advice. I might not have…

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Plot and Story Structure

If you search online for how to structure Manga, Anime, a Webtoon comic, or more you will find various discussions on what terminology to use to describe the structure of content. In this post I describe the terminology that I think makes the most sense for web stories, the format I am planning to use…

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