The Series (old)

The animated series episodes / comic book chapters are as follows:

Friendship Sam reaches out to Hank, the new kid in school. But when he goes too far, is their friendship over before it starts?
Good Thoughts Is Liana right? Does Hank think Sam is just too annoying?
Encouragement    Hank’s habitual roasting of others brings Helen to tears, and he finds himself needing to apologize.
Protection Elenor’s bitterness towards Hank continues to grow inside her. Helen finds encouragement from an unexpected source.
Perseverance Helen tries again to be friends with Liana and Elenor. She also introduces Bear to Sam and Hank.
Individuality Helen discovers sometimes its just better to be yourself.
Forgiveness Elenor is still angry with how Hank treated her and struggles to overcome her bitterness.
Anxiousness Bear? Anxious? Helen discovers that no matter how big and strong you are, you can still have fears.
Standing Firm Helen discovers that Bear has a strength greater than his muscles.
Respect Elenor warms to planning the mid-year school dance. But her parents have other ideas.
Temptation Liana struggles between taking over the school dance or supporting her friend.
Burning Coals Sam is falsely accused and his punishment may mean he will miss the school dance.
Fruits Sam discovers how extraordinary his seemingly ordinary friends are.