Early Photos

The characters may be tweaked further before they are introduced into various episodes, but some early photos introducing the main characters.

Sam, the center of the series. He’s can be a bit too enthusiastic at times.

Ep1 Teaser 1

Deb, Sam’s big sister. Wise and dependable, a good influence over her younger brother.


Hank, the new kid at school, on one of his happier days…  (He’s not that bad really…)


Liana (left) and Elenor (right) are great friends.

Liana and Elenor

Helen makes an appearance in episode 2, but joins in more seriously in episode 3.


The last main character, Bear, is still under development.

[Update: Feb 4th. Early draft of Bear. I might need to tone down his muscles… but then again!]


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