Project Wookie – A Beginner YouTube Playlist

I have been creating a series of Live Streams on put into a playlist called “Project Wookie” on my Behind the Scenes channel on YouTube. These are a series of examples of addresses common situations with Adobe Character Animator when rigging puppets. Project Wookie uses a photo of a toy Wookie with Photoshop to edit the artwork. I plan to do future series using Adobe Illustrator and different artwork.

I suggest these videos *after* watching the official Adobe Character Animator tutorials. These tutorials are higher quality, higher density recordings. They tend however to focus on going deep into individual features. I am trying to focus on problem situations and using features to solve the problem.

These are recordings of live streams – which means no “ums” and “ahs” are edited out. If you subscribe to the channel feel free to watch live ask questions live in the chat. I try (and usually fail) to keep episodes short, so you need to join quickly. I am trying to create episodes on particular topics so they can be referred back to later more easily. Being a live stream they show all of the steps I took to get to the next step.

The following is a list of episode so far – new ones are being added periodically, with more planned for the eyes and mouth. Check the playlist for an up to date list of all episodes.

  • Project Wookie, Episode 0: Introduction
  • Project Wookie, Episode 1: Removing Photo Background
  • Project Wookie, Episode 2: Rigging Simple Arms and Legs
  • Project Wookie, Episode 3: Recording a First Scene
  • Project Wookie, Episode 4: Exporting a Video for YouTube
  • Project Wookie, Episode 5: Joining Video Clips in Adobe Rush
  • Project Wookie, Episode 6: Combining Video Files with Premier Pro
  • Project Wookie, Episode 7: Titles and Captioning
  • Project Wookie, Episode 8: Static Backgrounds
  • Project Wookie, Episode 9: Moving Puppets Linearly
  • Project Wookie, Episode 10: Duplicating Puppets as Backups
  • Project Wookie, Episode 11: Bobbing Walk (without Walk Behavior)
  • Project Wookie, Episode 12: Floating Puppet Movement
  • Project Wookie, Episode 13: Wind Blowing Balloon
  • Project Wookie, Episode 14: Holding and Releasing Balloon

Subscribe to the channel if you want to get updates or hear about new projects that I may launch. I plan to do a separate playlist for Adobe Illustrator puppets and using Adobe Character Animator to create comics.

Feel free to leave a comment on topics you would like to see as well. I often get inspiration from the forums for topics to present on.

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