Motion Capture Tools (my 2022 list)

Here is a list of motion capture (and related) tools I have come across on twitter or similar. Feel free to leave a comment for tools I have missed!

Webcam MoCap (upper body)

  • VSeeFace – webcam tracking for upper body (for VTubers).  With LeapMotion (now UltraLeap) camera, can also do finger tracking. I like this one because it uses the VMC (Virtual Motion Capture) protocol, allowing merging of a range of tools. It is my go-to app for upper body tracking.
  • Kalidoface (3D) – web browser motion capture that can control a VRM file. I like this for demos as it requires zero software to be installed!
  • Sony Semiconductor Solutions have released some AR support

Webcam Mocap (Facial)

  • Waidayo – iPhone app that supports the VMC protocol.
  • iFacialMocap – an iPhone app that does facial MoCap tracking (expressions)
  • Unity Live Capture – includes a facial expression capture solution

Webcam Mocap (full body)

  • The FreeMoCap Project – markerless mocap using multiple cameras
  • ThreeDPoseTracker – sounded good, but last time I visited it said no longer maintained. However there are still lots of tweets with the #TDPT tag.
  • Webcam Motion Capture for Vtubers (YouTube) including hand tracking (although I found it dropped my fingers a lot)
  • MotionMuse – “easy to use character animation software dedicated to ease the animation process”

Motion capture from video files

Some sources of videos of motions

  • Funny running styles

VR Headsets and Equipment

  • PlayAniMaker by MuRo (may not be popular, but its been the most reliable way for me to create upper body animations, including hand positions – no jitters that frequently occurs with webcams)
  • I have recently using some Unity asset store tools OpenXR based solution from R1Tools and Final IK which can create animation clips.
  • HTC Vive has trackers that you can attach to other things (like cameras, your knees, etc) to track the position of other real world objects.
  • AI for predicting body movements based on VR headset positioning (very cool!)


  • Rokoko has a range of impressive gear and tools, such as full body capture suits, gloves, and face capture software
  • OptiTrack has a range of tools for motion and facial capture (markerless mocap).
  • Tundra Tackers – multiple trackers per USB dongle, often out of stock
  • SlimeVR – small devices, cheaper than Rokoko etc suits
  • Mocopi – not launched yet (launching Jan 2023?), but looks similar to SlimeVR trackers

Cool Individuals

Character Model Creation

Other related

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