Spy x Family CG Fan Work

Spy x Family (pronounced “Spy Family”) is a popular manga series now available as an anime. It has some great characters and a fun plots. A spy, an assassin, and a young telepathic girl (all hiding their secrets from each other) end up living together as a family. I was collecting some work that impressed me the most and thought I would share it here as inspiration as to what is possible.

Anya, the child, has particularly expressive faces and emotions.

It is interesting to see all the concept artwork of the different characters. I cannot draw, which is why I use VRoid Studio to create my characters. But still interesting to see how professionals do it.

Tips for Anya’s eyelashes in blender.

An absolutely amazing animated model for Anya. Such expression all from the one model! No idea how this was achieved but shows what is possible.

This thread might be the answer to the above, using “canvas” in Blender to animate the textures, rather than just doing everything with 3D modeling.

Someone created a VRoid Studio model for Anya, then tweaked it in Blender to improve it. Pretty good!

Here is a Blender tutorial on creating Anya in Blender. Pretty detailed and good!

There are lots of cosplay for Yor Forger (the “mother”), but not as much 3D modeling.

This one amused me though

Not as much for the spy father. He is meant to blend in and not be noticeable after all!

But people are even creating 3D models of their home!

Some impressive work out there!

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