AI 3D Model Creation

Just as generative AI has been stirring things up with 2D images, people are also looking hard at 3D models too. One great little video I stumbled across lists a number of platforms, some of which I had not heard of before. First, the video:

Some of the sites mentioned:

Some of the platforms tackle more than one of the problems at a time. Checkout the YouTube video show notes for the complete list in the video.

Note: The video does not cover all available AI 3D model generation products (for example, Common Sense Machines is not listed). But it shows a lot of people are throwing themselves at the problem and making great progress.

An example

The Point-E demo on Hugging Face from OpenAI to me demonstrates that while great strides have been made, there is still a way to go. The following is a photo of our family’s toy poodle.

The following is the Point-E point cloud for “Toy Poodle”.

Amazing likeness, right? No? Maybe if I rotate it?

No? Let me try one more angle…

Not feeling it yet? Well, let’s just say sometimes things in practice don’t always live up to the demos. 😉

My point? AI 3D model generation is being undertaken by many different teams, and some amazing progress is being made. But its not yet a solved problem.

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