Creating your own animation teaches greater appreciation for the experts!

I am having a go at a 3D animated comic series. I am getting closer, getting the ground work out of the way (e.g. But wow, how hard it is to create a good result!

Since this is a hobby, I take lots of short cuts to save time and use free tools as much as possible. I am using free sources of animation clips for example, but finding lots of little problems, like characters not walking directly ahead (they drift sideways), or clips assuming more than the humanoid avatar in Unity resulting in bent joints.

Since I am not much of an artist, I was giving VRoid Studio a go, and it has made creating decent characters much faster. Like all tools it has its limits, but I would have not got this far without it.

The Unity asset store has been great too – being able to buy scenes for locations (backgrounds) again has been the only way to get things done. My attempts at drawing backgrounds was even more embarrassing than the characters themselves!

But as I enter 2021 with the hope of soon creating real episodes, starting with little sample clips to learn the ropes, my biggest lesson so far is a greater and deeper appreciation of those who do this well. I watch anime with an even greater appreciation of the mastery behind its creation.

But continue I shall. Not to the quality of others, but improving and learning as I try. Bring it on!

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