VRoid Studio and Unity Posts

This post provides a list of my blog posts related to VRoid Studio and Unity for creating animations (movies, short cartoons, etc). I will come back and add links to new posts here as they are available.

Welcome Posts

Setting the scene: VRoid + Unity for animated cartoons. My motivation for working on these blog posts.

Installing VRoid Studio and Unity. Runs through brief installation guidance for both VRoid Studio and Unity. (Instructions can be found on the sites for VRoid and Unity.)

Terminology Posts

Unity Basic Terminology. Introduction to the basic concepts of Unity, such as scenes, assets, GameObject, components, and more.

VRoid Studio Characters and Animation in Unity. Introduction to the concept of a character in Unity (as exported from VRoid Studio) and all of the terminology related to animation of characters. This is quite a long post.

Timelines and Cameras in Unity. Introduction to the Cinemachine package for Unity that provides support for creating animation sequences from timelines.

Problem Solution Posts

Making Characters Move in Unity. Introduces some different options for moving characters around in Unity. I plan to write a later blog once I have more practical experience with stronger opinions on the best way to do the animations. (I need to do some more tests with the Unity Locomotion package in combination with sourcing or creating animation scripts for VRoid characters.)

Making Characters Blink. A description of how to add blinking to VRoid characters.

Changing Facial Expressions. Extends beyond blinking, describing how to use blendshapes for a wider variety of facial expressions.

Controlling VRoid Eyes in Unity. A description of how to control what eyes look at in Unity.

Animation Clips in Unity. Finding and adapting animation clips to VRoid Studio characters in Unity.

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